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As Royal Platinum, we are rapidly expanding our perfume sales network in Turkey and around the world. If you want to have a profitable business in a short time with a low cost, you are invited to become a part of this family and grow up with us.

Dealership, which is among the advantageous options of being a business owner, will contribute to the increase of your business in natural ways. If we need to talk about the advantages of the dealership system, there is no need to make efforts to create brand value. Because you are in the position of a representative of a brand value that has already been revealed. In this case, you get your own share of the customer portfolio cake created by the brand, without having to create your own customer portfolio. Open perfume dealership is expressed as a rising value when the usage rate of open perfume, which is becoming increasingly common today, is evaluated. The fact that users want to try new scents other than the brands’ ordinary scents causes a serious increase in the rate of outdoor perfume use. Another reason for this increase is economic. Despite the fact that brands charge high fees for tiny perfumes, the customer portfolio is naturally increasing thanks to the friendly approach of perfumes to every budget.

There is no need for you to have any efforts for perfume production at the perfume dealership. The “headquarters”, which is your supplier, delivers perfumes to your address in accordance with your requests. In this way, you are obliged to sell only the products of a brand that has proven itself. In addition, in accordance with the quality standards in the dealership system, an operating concept with certain standards is prepared and customers are provided with the same quality of service from different branches. As the boss of a business with a corporate identity, it is possible to get support from the “general directorate” whenever you need it. Since you will get the dealership of a company with high customer satisfaction, your customers will have a confident impression about your quality. Businesses that buy perfume dealerships also do not need thousands of money to spend on advertising efforts. Because all advertising and marketing activities are provided by the headquarters. Being the dealer of a perfume brand that continues its activities with an innovative point of view using today’s technology allows you to respond instantly to expectations and needs that will change in the future. In accordance with your responsibilities regarding vision and mission, open perfume dealership will provide a great advantage for your business for many years. The fact that everyone is looking for a special fragrance for themselves, needs the freedom to choose what they like from hundreds of different scents, makes the outdoor perfume sector is gradually gaining value


The smell of your perfume often gets in the way of your own smell. In this way, the smell of the perfume is perceived as your own smell. Nowadays, the increasing prevalence of perfume use every passing day makes it possible to increase the demand for version perfumes. The inability of brand fragrances to leave the framework of certain standards makes it difficult for users to reach the scents they imagine. It is at this point that version perfume brands come to the fore.

With the differentiation of the aromas contained in the lower and upper notes, it is quite easy to reach the scents that users imagine. For this reason, version perfume brands are in a very advantageous position to respond to the wishes and needs of users. For this reason, “Version Perfume Franchising” is among the subjects that attract attention. Royal Platinum aims to maintain the magic of the most preferred fragrances in all corners of our country with the opportunity of version perfume franchising.

Royal Platinum aims to maintain the magic of the most preferred fragrances in all corners of our country with the opportunity of open perfume franchising. Along with the perfumes prepared in accordance with today’s fragrance trends, scents that have become classics and that have succeeded in creating a certain mass will be standing side by side on the same shelves, and will offer a feast of fragrance to their surroundings.

The fact that the use of open perfume brands is seen as a rising value shows that users in our country value innovative and self-reflective perfume scents. Perfumes, which are considered as a part of the style, differ in a wide range and have a variety that will appeal to everyone.

The individual differentiation of tastes and colors causes us to see this differentiation in perfumes as well. For this reason, instead of producing an ambient fragrance that will be liked by everyone, open perfume brand manufacturers are trying to create a portfolio where individual fragrances can be liked separately. Thus, it is ensured that everyone has a unique scent.

Open perfume actually expresses the step taken to freedom by getting out of the ordinary. It allows scents to be mixed freely without being molded into one another. You have the opportunity to use any scents you need in the lower and upper notes. Exactly this is among the advantages of open perfume franchising. It is in the nature of the open perfume culture to present the right fragrances to the target audience by evaluating the demands from the users correctly.

The increasing influence of open perfume brands in every corner of our country contributes to the increasing momentum of the studies carried out in this field. When the right steps are taken, open perfume will enable you to reach a very wide customer portfolio.

Best Version Perfume Brand

Which is the best outdoor perfume brand? Before answering the question, we gave information about the known and unknown about Royal Platinum, and included information about version perfume and dealership models.

Royal Platinum brand started its journey in Kocaeli city in 2014. Bringing a new vision and brand understanding to the version perfume industry, Royal Platinum has been welcomed by a considerable customer base across Turkey with its beautiful scents and perfumes.

With its different dynamism and innovative franchising system, it has created a system where the highest quality fragrances and perfumes are offered to both its business partners and customers. Royal Platinum brand, which was created with a professional perspective from concept store designs to different product options, increases the number of stores in many parts of Turkey day by day.

The Royal Platinum brand, which creates products for the needs of the target audience with the franchising dealership system, always prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. In addition to the visual and design support needed by the stores, it continues to be always with its business partners with the furniture support carefully prepared by the Royal Platinum team.

Smart Franchising System

Setting out to be the best open perfume brand, Royal Platinum has shaped the franchising system with a standard that will meet the needs of customers. Version perfume dealership is seen as a rising trend nowadays. When this situation is evaluated, different and completely design and quality-oriented store concepts come to the fore rather than the stereotypical open perfume stores. There is a certain cost to open a business outside the dealership system and remove this business. Of course, the decoration of a store is very important, but it is obvious that the more important ones are advertising, promotion and marketing activities. You ask why? That’s because you pay a basic fee for the decoration and that cost is included in your initial cost. But advertising, promotion and marketing activities are among the activities you should do whenever you are open.

Thanks to Royal Platinum, this cost goes to zero! How Does? With the open perfume dealership system it has created, Royal Platinum collects all the promotional activities of its business partners such as design, concept and social media from a single source, and covers the costs that must be paid. In this case, all you have to do is focus on your customers and enjoy your business effortlessly.

So how does the procurement process work at Royal Platinum? The procurement process at Royal Platinum; proceeds under the coordination of the headquarters. Royal Platinum delivers the products you request to your door with just one phone call or e-mail.

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